• Activate primal instinct potential (resilience)
  • Enhance ability to recognize nature principles operating (at life, culture, business, human) ┬áprocesses and for decision making accordingly.
  • Develop the ability of design, process management, strategy, decision making according to nature laws, principles, that care for life, culture, family, peace and heritage.
  • Collaboration ability enhancement.
  • Leadership beyond individual charisma, knowledge, or personality. Anchoring collaboration into the development of life as empowered, enhanced and made possible and feasible by the application of nature laws and principles.
  • Organizational self-enhancement (organization=organism). Upgrade of collective self-consciousness, self-awareness, perception, behaviour, culture.
  • Adaptability, innovation in strategy and solution making.
  • Farm-ability ( Forest-ability) natural growth potential.
  • Minimalist governance, back to simple encoding of culture which reflects complexity of life and nature, and empowers organisms upgrade, evolution, advancement.
  • Civilization upgrade, development of new applications, technology, social management, culture costumes, awareness, consciousness.


Biohacking of Life Principles for Governance, Business Culture, Business Management & Personal Development