Development Guidelines

The following development guidelines are direct advice by LUIS regarding the risks and importance of self responsibility and application of tools and methods, practices and leading a development process according to the 9 stages of implementation of prime tech theta.

  • Responsibility towards harmonious living, collaboration, with location, in terms of life and culture care (family, peace care and heritage).
  • Wisdom can be learned by nature observation. Blind application by imitation of nature may create a serious damage to local culture and collaboration with location organism and species. (Including travel, foreign or alien partners, that by arrival mean to interact and live at the location as well). Application imply awareness and consciousness at 9+ stage of development or prime self union. Unless a higher stage of consciousness, awareness and perception is the foundation for tangible application, and the design system is a 9+ structure (Prime Tech standard) any other model applied at stages 0-5 may damage the potential further development. Stage 6 is a good standing point for adjustment and improvement.
  • The practice of Prime Yoga, is the field of experience, experimentation, and upgrade of individual tangible capacity and abilities necessary for this level of responsibility.
  • Assessment of individual capacity of tangible application, rank and continuous training is necessary.
  • Application of an expanded perception of wealth is necessary as for giving value to the individual at every stage of development he/she/it plays a function 
  • Use of the prime codex as a security mechanism applied for ensuring of the  sustainability of the development process. 
  • Prime self union, union with the source of all that is have been and will be within our own heart, as main security practice as for the 9 development stages of the individuals. The ones that are capable to hold the “Golden RING”, and carry it, without becoming nor falling into the power based and selfish state of the demigods.
  • Any system should be able to stand and care for its members, mostly for those working at the edge, upgrading society, civilization, consciousness.
  • IIAII: It is as it is
  • WYGIWYG: What you get is what you get according to your level of consciousness and capacity, ability, of perception

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