2. In Prime

  • 2. PRIME TECH ϴ Services for the development stage TWO Become the principle, re-form (In-prime) the capacity of individual, collective, organization (9+) to experience own self as expression of nature principles, laws, identify and collaborate with them within own development and advancement. (REF 9+ Development stages for the integration of prime technology)

The ability of self-awareness as self-expression of nature laws and principles means the ability of knowledge of those into daily life, family and business circumstances as for process design, decision making.

Assessment and training will focus on the Prime Tech Standard. As for the development of more complex abilities for application of prime technology with the foundation on the knowledge and self awareness, perception, of the natural laws and principles active in own organic body and nature and surroundings, that would make the stages of development (Prime Tech Standard, Rank) feasible to be accomplished.

The training focus on the practice of the following method, utilized for communication, collaboration, process design:

The Dance of The Elements & The Blue Star Dancers

  • Which is a non verbal tool, that enhances directly tangible abilities of communication and self expression as well as collective self-awareness and decision making. (REF e-book)



Biohacking of Life Principles for Governance, Business Culture, Business Management & Personal Development