5.Prime Culture

  • 5. PRIME TECH ϴ Services for the development stage FIVE Complexify the art of collaboration in relationship to the location, to the development of the organization in terms of communication, collaboration and care for life, peace, family(9+), culture, heritage. (Prime-Culture) (REF 9+ Development stages for the integration of prime technology)

Why to complexify? The collective self organized human increase complexity at each stage of development. The ability to complexify collaboration while keeping it as simple as nature, is the necessary foundation for high level heart based consciousness processing, and solution making. By increasing ability of solving complexity, and living within complexity, knowledge of nature become more available, scientifically, technically as well.

The study of ancient cultures, their technology and application of their understanding and awareness of the principles of life in nature is the next activity to focus on:

Prime Culture Expeditions

  • The expeditions will lead the students to exposure to new cultural perceptions, behaviour models, and meta meanings in language.
  • The first culture the students will focus on will be the ancient cultures nature oriented of the same location, their language, values and history.
  • Understanding of own natural and cultural environment, through direct interaction with both, discussion, presentations, study, from the point of view of Prime Technology.
  • Consciousness, awareness, perception need to be present, as for the ability of operating with the 9+ stages of development of prime tech integration. The practitioners should focus on the development of heart based consciousness into prime self union. (REF: Conditions of participation, guidelines)

Prime Culture Design

  • The design of prime culture based enhancers for current business culture and local culture is the main focus of this stage of development. As practice it will bring tangible abilities of process design, decision making, policy making, business culture development, as for the integration of nature principles, laws, and care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage.
  • The design would imply interaction, collaboration, cocreation policy with location, culture, government, networks, as well as with partners, and sisters or daughters organizations.



Biohacking of Life Principles for Governance, Business Culture, Business Management & Personal Development