6. Prime-Loc-Assessment

  • 6. PRIME TECH ϴ Services for the development stage SIX Identify the survival, natural development, adaptation skills, and other conditions necessary at new locations and in the organism, as for seeding new locations for the purpose of creating cultures in it (Digital, Geo, Travel Locations) (Prime-Loc-Assessment) (REF 9+ Development stages for the integration of prime technology)

Assessment of location conditions

It is the next ability that need to be developed by the practitioners of prime technology.

There are several assessment tools, and set of up to 900 Elements to be considered, for evaluation of the current status, capacity, challenges, risks, resources, development conditions and potential ability of a location to become a Prime Tech location.

The Assessment follows Prime Tech Standard (www.prime-rank.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info)

The ability of assessment give also ability to design development of individuals, teams, working units, organization, culture, know how and locations, according to the development stages described by the Prime Tech Standard.



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