7. Prime Farming

An upgraded use of the Tree of Life Tool, will bring to the practitioners the abilities necessary for this stage of development: From tree into forest.

The understanding of sustainable development and life care models utilized in nature, as for example in the forest and other collective organic and not organic systems is key for the adjustment of expansion and development of an organism and its culture in several locations.

Prime Farming

  • Responsibility towards harmonious living, collaboration, with location, in terms of life and culture care (family, peace care and heritage).
  • The management of the presence of the new organism in the location,  as means to  support location development, culture upgrade, is a tangible ability that needs to be developed.
  • Wisdom can be learned by nature observation. Blind application by imitation of nature may create a serious damage to local culture and collaboration with location organism and species. (Including travel, foreign or alien partners, that by arrival mean to interact and live at the location as well). Application imply awareness and consciousness at 9+ stage of development or prime self union. Unless a higher stage of consciousness, awareness and perception is the foundation for tangible application, and the design system is a 9+ structure (Prime Tech standard) any other model applied at stages 0-5 may damage the potential further development. Stage 6 is a good standing point for adjustment and improvement.
  • The training will be developed through Prime Games (LARP Life action role games), as well though Lab. Projects (experiments, tests) or prototype units to be tested under real circumstances and conditions, where the response of location, culture, ecosystem will be tested with minimal impact. www.play-the-game.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info 



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