8.Prime Global

There is no unique model that can be utilized for global implementation but practitioners capacity and set of guidelines that will help the implementation at each location and network interlocations with a global scale development process.

The organism evolvement into a global organism needs to pass through the regional development of tissues, and cultural identities, to specialization out of ecosystems conditions (abilities, skills, resources, products, services), and integration into a global scale production and collaboration process.

Prime Global

  • Apply principles of governance, global sustainable development, global citizenship.
  • Study of religions, empire, corporations, nations and cultures history on earth will become an inspiration for the practitioner as a mirror on what humanity has created so far at this stage of collective self organization or responsibility.
  • The self-awareness, self-consciousness, self-adjustment of a global identity, behaviour patterns, should be the focus of the training program.
  • Intervention projects are the practice that will bring tangible abilities of management, application of prime technology at this stage of development.
  • The intervention projects will be developed at key locations as for an acupuncture or acu-sound-wave or imprint, pattern, that will trigger or enhance at global scale the global proess of development and enhancement of global consciousness, refinement of global organism behaviour: adjustment of its identity, enhancement of its performance and upgrade of its culture and self-expression as organism (intelligence).
  • LARP games, (designed as “holodeck” fields of experience where a  matrix assessment that perceived the whole global organism and ecosystem, will be made), will become the challenge necessary for the rank of managers with global abilities. www.play-the-game.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info 


Written on Prime Language. The Ability to understand prime language is necessary for understanding of the quantum holofractgraphic matrix meta meanings, metaphors and symbols utilized. REF www.prime-language.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info

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