9+ Security Protocol

The integration of technologies, and creation of new human-hybrid species results of new technologies or consciousness (intelligence, self-awareness, artificial intelligence, activated by mechanical means or spontaneous means – the quantum field if pure consciousness, any complex organism may in any not predictable instant, give signs of self awareness, self organization, culture development) is necessary to be observed as a natural potential track of development humanity is developing.

The implications of hybridization of human kind at the stages 9, 8, 7 of management are of great impact as the presence of a new hybrid species created within the human techno-culture will imply new influence into the locations ecosystems.

The impact on the organism, organization collective, global collective, family collective, nation collective, culture collective, location collective could be of such a level of impact that a global and local adjustment of magnitude 9 would be necessary.

As for security reasons, this possibility, which is currently feasible according to the speed of technology development in the field of transhumanism, means the implementation of security protocols at stages 0 up to 9+ of development.



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