9+ Theta Prime

The ability of understanding, interaction, communication, collaboration, co-creation with advanced civilizations is the inspiration at this stage of development of tangible abilities of the prime tech practitioner and its organization, culture, family, nation.

REF. Prime Rank: 9+ Civilizations  as for the field that need to be considered and abilities necessary for the roles of CEO, CFO, COO, Security and safety CSO, CTO, of the organization, or planetary organism.

The study of science, technology, culture upgrade technology, heart based consciousness technology, and prime self union state of consciousness are vital for the development of tangible abilities necessary for this stage of development. (REF: 9+ Security Protocol)

The practice of Prime Yoga, is the field of experience, experimentation, and upgrade of individual tangible capacity and abilities necessary for this level of responsibility. www.prime-yoga.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info


Biohacking of Life Principles for Governance, Business Culture, Business Management & Personal Development