Trainings include as benefits the enhancement of ability of feeling and sensing organic life through

  • self-awareness
  • perception
  • emotional self-awareness

in the fields of communication, collaboration, co-creation, resilience, self-organization, self-expression.

The foundation training which includes the goals listed above focus on:

  • Emotional self-management, emotional process management and emotional time management: as the tangible field of application where the ability of perception, sensing, feeling of organic life will become an asset. How to become self-aware of own feelings and emotions, and apply them in order to enhance daily life, business strategy, decision making, process management, time management and self-management.
  • Perceiving, thinking and doing out of the box Perception-ability, a 9D perception matrix enhance ability to perceive simultaneous possibilities, empowers thinking patterns, paralele and matrix thinking, as well as ability to do, create, communicate and collaborate “ out of the box “.
  • Breathing, meditation; martial arts & yoga Mind, body, emotional self-awareness, enhances response-ability, self-confidence, inner peace, emotional communication and intelligence, self-expression, health, clarity, consistency, empathy, intuition, perception, resilience.
  • Self-awareness, self-empowerment, self-love Enhance emotional self-awareness, self-love, self-care, self-worth, improve daily life and business preferences and decision making, empower your-self by setting goals, values, and realistic milestones for your life.
  • Wealthability, enhance the capacity of living in an harmonious relationship with own wealth, property and money.

Employees, managers, teams, organization, culture, location and global network will benefit extremely for having individuals with those qualities.

Complementary trainings will suggest:

  • Prime Yoga practices as for prime arts, prime do, prime love, prime nurturing and prime breathing practicing within natural spaces, like outdoors, hiking,  camps, or days spent in the forest, mountain, sea or dessert. All Prime Yoga practices and methods are suggested and listed in this site: www.prime-yoga.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • Prime Yoga includes not only the classical asanas of yoga but several other practices that involve the enhancement of self awareness, consciousness, perception and emotional self management.
  • Prime Arts utilizes the field of performing arts for enhancement of the abilities target. Music, dance, colour, and all performing arts will be practiced.
  • Prime Do, utilizes the field of martial arts as for transforming violence, aggression, power based behaviour into harmonious, kind, loving and self loving feelings with high instinct and survival abilities. A foundation for non violence.
  • Prime Love, utilizes the field of love, relationship, family, conception, gender equality, conscious love making as for the development of the ability of integrating gender and love relationships abilities and process as for personal development, with empowerment results into family, culture and society, seeking for upgrade of culture and civilization, for human survival species and upgrade, by adaptation to current living conditions, risk management.
  • Prime Peace, advanced training on ethics, human rights, economy, and non violence. An holistic approach to peace, care for family, culture, life and heritage.
  • Prime Wealth, expanding the field of wealth, and restoring ability of self love through and in own wealth, property and money



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