The 9 Roses of Love Seminar 9+


The 9 Roses of Love focus on Prime Love Teaching and application of prime love in 9+, which focus in completing skills and knowledge of conscious love making as for the development of tangible abilities in self-management, emotional self-menagement, communication and collaboration between the 9 genders as well as to develop a perfect understanding and practice of the 9 Jewels of love.

The 9 Roses of Love Seminar 

  • DAY ZERO: Dedicated to the presence, within our hart, of love and self love, divine love and divine perception, and intention of love in our lifes. It is integrated to the day 1 or facilitated along individual/collective coaching training sessions.
  • DAY 1 : The first day is dedicated to preliminary practices, and keys on how to the 9 dances of love
  • DAY 2:  Co-creation, the golden sphere of love, 3 stages
  • DAY 3:  Family & Community
  • DAY 4:  Process Management & Self-Management, keys and tools for co-creation of the space of love, life care, relationship sustainability, heritage, peace, wealth
  • DAY 5:  Culture and Society, Network and Compromised relationships
  • DAY 6:  Abroad traveling love, the 3rd Culture Lovers
  • DAY 7: Multicultural experience of love, Binational love relationships, Global citizenship lovers
  • DAY 8: Global Religion of love: how the meditative conscious love making practice would change our world?
  • DAY 9: A cosmic understanding of love; exo-love, interdimensional love or the interdimensional archetypes of love
  • DAY 9+ The 9 divine worlds

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