Prime Tech Theta – Integration Development Stages The Author presents the 9+ stages of development that belongs to the process of integration of Prime Technology Stage 9+.

The Quantification of the Human Value , Prime Technology applied, Matrix 9+, Score Lines, Score Card, Development Stages.

Prime Technology Applied – Research Presentation, Overview.

Prime Language Applied for Business. The use of divine, symbolic and mystic language in daily life, spiritual and personal development and business.

The 9 Elements, Initiation in the Golden Path of Sacred Wealth. Analysis Tool.

The KAP Project – 9 Books. Research on a Belgium Solutionf or personal development, team and community building, city development and emotional self management.

Elements Management for Language Communication and Culture Training. The application of the Elements Management Study Cycle for Languages education and use in business.

The Human Hologram. Advanced reference text for elements management student level 9.0 and 0.9

The Spiritual Path of Doing Business. The art of doing business by following a spiritual, nondual, self-transformative approach able to inspire and facilitate an upgrading of human consciousness-ascencion.

Sustainable Development & Self-Awareness.  Workbook The 3 Elements & The Heart Method & Keys to Make it Tangible. (Presentation).

Sales of Non Tangible.

Groundbreaking. Symbolic language applied for personal development and business.

Elements Management Analysis.

Mandala. A a bidimensional design that represents a multidimensional experience.

The Multidimensional Golden Flower. Key to learn and apply the know how * Elements Management * Multidimensional Mandala * Inner Mandalas & Elements * Multidimensional Human Factor Management * 30.30.30 Network Sustainable Cocreative Collaboration * Open Multidimensional Human Factor Know How * Tottally Integrated Quality Management * Natural Self Development Systhem

The Human Based Engine“The organization, a human based transformational organic consciouss light engine”

Elements Management for Entrepreneurs. E.M methods and know how can advance entrepreneurs skills and support them accomplish their goals in a sustainable way.

Emotional Self-Management, Emotional Time & Emotional Organic Process Management.

Holistic Sustainability – Elements Management Marketing

EM900, Elements Management Standard.

Elements Management. Foundation Know How.

EM Resolution Field – Systemic Methods in Elements Management.

EM Time Management – Surfing the Time Realms

EM Secrets – EM Self Transformation Pathway.

EM Academy : History & Future.

The Dance of the elements & the blue star dancers.

EM Origins – Team Building.

Emotional Self-Management. Water & Matter Behavior.

EM Secrets – 9 Keys for sustainable living

EM Analysis Report

Multidimensional Management – Human Factor & Collaboration.

Mandala of Elements & Team System

Solutions for Global Development

Permanent human culture, and human factor management. Perceiving human factor and permaculture from elements management point of view.


Biohacking of Life Principles for Governance, Business Culture, Business Management & Personal Development