Quick Sylver

The Quick Sylver Essential Prime Tech 9 Training offers you foundation on prime tech and prime culture.

The complete Prime Tech 9 Program offers 9 Belts (Modules) Training. The Quick Sylver focus on the first module, the white belt, only, but as well provides a complete introduction to prime tech9 and prime culture. It also includes BONUS modules dedicated to prime tech 9 applied in daily life. Self-coaching and self-assessment tools will be provided as well as tools for personal and spiritual development self-empowerment. These tools can be utilized for daily life, family and business.

e-Learning Platform

@ Trainengage, Prime Tech Tech Quick Sylver Program

SERVICE Includes

  • e-Learning Materials
  • e-forum
  • e-workbooks
  • Review of e-publications: e-books, video presentations, webinars, video lessons.
  • Technical training: methods, tools, practices
  • Self-study methodology: learning by doing, by playing, by exploring, by self-experience, by creating.
  • Tasks, assignments, designed for practice, exploration, self-experience
  • Prime Tech 9 Gamified: Prime Tech 9 Game for learning



  • Prime Tech
  • Prime Tech 9+ Matrix
  • Prime Culture: a culture dedicated to care for peace family, community, culture, life care and heritage.
  • The 9 Stages of Love (Consciousness) & 9 Stages of Development  applied to Prime Technology
  • Why Prime Tech Know How is based on nature principles, laws and models/processes nature apply for organic sustainable development ?
  • Business, Culture, Family, Peace, Life care and Heritage, as a Spiritual Path.
  • Prime Tech applied for family business


  • The Prime Tech 9 Program White Belt.
    • Introduction to the  9 ELEMENTS assessment tool for the empowerment of your business
    • Introduction to the THREE OF LIFE assessment tool for the empowerment of your business
    • Introduction to the MATRIX 9+ analysis for business and project management, the score lines and how to use them in order to empowerment your business projects.
    • Prime Corporation: Life care, peace, family, culture and heritage principles applied for business
    • Introduction to the Matrix 9+ Board Strategy Game
    • Introduction to the Prime Tech Rank, score lines and assessment tools. (See tools used for coaching)
    • Introduction to the “Wind of the North Star” a marketing prime tech 9 based approach.


  • ENQUIRE:  The Prime Corporation.  Why corporations and corporation-like self organized governments and private communities or networks would be able to play an empowering role for global sustainable development, civilization upgrade and culture development (even while they have corporative structures)? Why the Prime Corporation represent a new upgrade of the corporate culture, dedicated to responsibility, care for peace, family, culture, life, wealth, and heritage? What kind of species of corporations we do have today in our modern world, which types play roles as predators and which new species may change the game, and upgrade the wild corporate culture into a primal civilized market dedicated to sustainable global development?
  • E-WORKBOOK:  Prime Tech 9, The 9 Golden Guidelines
  • Prime Tech 9 in Praxis.
  • Prime Breathing GYM 9 Training.
  • Prime Yoga: The Principles of Union (Yoga) Applied in Prime Tech. www.prime-yoga.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info 
  • The 9 Stages of Love (Consciousness levels) and the 9 Stages of Development: explained with exercises for self study.
  • 9 STAGES OF LOVE & 9 Stage sof Development GYM 9 Training.
  • The Golden Seed of Wealth & The Golden Sphere of Love: explained with exercises for self study. The Principle of Manifestation for Business, Community, Network and Family
  • INTRODUCTION TO PRIME TECH 9 BELTS STUDIES detailed description of the training modules content and benefits.

(*) Service not included in the Introduction Module Fee


Biohacking of Life Principles for Governance, Business Culture, Business Management & Personal Development