Study Programs

The study programs available focus each of them in unique fields of application needs or goals of the students.

  • Prime Tech for Trainers : Become a Trainer, 9 Belts Rank
  • Prime Tech Quick Sylver: Foundation of Prime Tech Theta
  • Prime Tech Assessment Tools:  Become an analyst
  • Prime Tech Rank: Utilize assessment tools for quantification of human and business value.
  • Prime Tech Matrix 9+ & Prime Tech Matrix 9+ Strategy Board Game: Train your analysis, strategy and decision making skills as business manager.
  • The Wind of the North Star: Marketing and Sales Management training
  • Prime Tech Theta Team : Team Builder Training
  • Prime Tech Boot Camp: Intensive, 9+ days
  • Personalized e-Training



Biohacking of Life Principles for Governance, Business Culture, Business Management & Personal Development